No 320 Indonesian Greater Galangal

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The name ‘galangal’ can be confusing as it refers to four different plants of the ginger family. One of these – Alpinia officinarum or lesser galangal – has the epithet “officinalis” because of its pharmaceutical use to treat indigestion and loss of appetite. We use greater galangal or Alpinia galanga, also called the lengkuas in Indonesian. It is widespread in Southeast Asia, where it is also believed to aid digestion. Which explains why people like to use it in the kitchen, both there and here, in spicy pastes or soups, for example. Only the yellowish, woody rhizome (the rootstock that grows underground), the pale pink runners and the young stems are used. The sharpness of the greater galangal is caused by a resin that contains diarylheptanoids and phenylalkanones. That sharpness is prized, as are the aromatic components of the essential oil. These are b-bisabolene, 1,8-cineole, chavicol acetate, chavicol, eugenyl acetate, a-farnesene, methyl eugenol, b-caryophyllene, a-bisabolol, spathulenol, farnesyl acetate, and 4-hydroxycinnamyl acetate. The latter is responsible, among other things, for the sweet, almost cinnamon-like, spicy smell of the greater galangal. These properties are the reason we recommend adding our spirit to Asian dishes, desserts and (of course) cocktails.

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