Premium Spirits from Berlin

DSM, Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur, develops and produces premium spirits in small batches and 100% handmade. Our passion for developing completely new recipes and for the craft of distilling means we systematically pursue our goal of creating outstanding spirits – unique, innovative products with uncompromising quality.

Quality doesn’t happen by chance; it requires careful planning and starts with the selection of handpicked, high-quality, mainly organic, natural raw materials. During the distillation process in the best available copper stills, we pay particular attention to careful separation of the first and last runnings. We never add artificial flavors and dyes of any kind either. Sugar is only added where it is indispensable; i.e., in our liqueurs.

Along with the subsequent storage and maturation and through strict quality controls, we in this way create the basis to live up to our claim. Our extraordinary distillates are intended to produce moments of pleasure that evoke memories of past taste experiences and shape new ones.

Lovers and connoisseurs of premium spirits will discover entirely new worlds of smell and taste through our unique spirits, eaux-de-vie and liqueurs. We want to completely redefine the concept of “premium” – nothing more, nothing less.

Everything is done at our production site and attached showroom in a spacious, listed brick building, located right in the center of Berlin.

Production & Raw materials

100% natural, high-quality raw materials

Every step of production is done by hand: from the processing of raw materials, mashing or maceration* and careful distillation to packaging. This is laborious and time-consuming, but in return we have even the smallest detail under control. This is how every batch becomes unique in the best possible quality.

A key learning from our countless product developments is that this effort would not be worthwhile without outstanding ingredients. Therefore, hand-picked, high-quality, natural ingredients form the foundation of our premium spirits. We source these ingredients from traditional farms in the region, other parts of Germany and all over the world.

Whether it’s cucumbers from Germany, roasted mate leaves from Brazil or hazelnuts from Piedmont: the farms often have organic certification and some even have the Demeter seal. Smaller agricultural holdings are sometimes unable to afford certification, or it is not possible because, although they do not use pesticides, yields would be too low without using fertilizer.

Our close co-operations with suppliers, regular contacts and site visits enable us to ensure all the raw materials meet our demanding quality standards. Coordinating harvest times to capture the maximum intensity of flavors and creative exchanges are also part of the process. Indeed, our obvious interest in unusual products and our unbridled love of experimentation also inspires farmers to approach us with unconventional ingredients. Confetti bush? Bring it on! Porcini mushroom? Let’s try it out!

*What distinguishes eaux-de-vie and spirits?

Eaux-de-vie and spirits are produced in two different ways: for eaux-de-vie we speak of “mashing”, for spirits we speak of “maceration”. For a mash, raw materials containing sugar (e.g., certain fruits or vegetables) are crushed, special yeasts are added and the sugar is allowed to ferment into alcohol. If fruits or other raw materials contain little or no sugar, their aroma can be captured by macerating them in already existing neutral alcohol. Both mash and macerate are then distilled. A distillate made from fermented, macerated raw materials is called an eau-de-vie or a brandy. Distillates made from macerated fruits or other raw materials are called spirits or in German “Geist”.

Store & Showroom in Berlin Mitte