Workshops, Tours & Tastings


If you are interested in our craft, or maybe even always wanted try distilling and even make your own personal gin, our workshop will be just right for you! In around 3.5 to 4 hours, we’ll teach you the basics of distillation – from preparing and cleaning the raw materials, to maceration or mashing, gentle distillation, ending with maturation and dilution to drinking strength.With expert guidance, you’ll distil your own spirit or gin in a small copper pot still, which you can then take home. We also serve a light meal. We’ll get in touch a week before the event, so that you can select the right distillate for you and we can start it up. Please book the event through our shop.

Guided Tours

Every first Friday of the month, a guided tour of our distillery starts at 2 pm. It gives you a look behind the scenes. It ends with a tasting of our distillates.You should allow approximately 60-90 minutes for the whole event. You can book the event for just €15 via our shop.

Company Events

If you would like to hold your event for employees or business partners in a very unusual setting, our distillery’s unique ambience is ideal. It ensures the success of your company celebration, incentive, workshop or training event and will make it a special experience.Please contact us directly so that we can put together a tailor-made programme for your specific needs.