No 452 German Eucalyptus

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Evergreen eucalyptus trees immediately make you think of Australia. This is no accident, because over 700 of the approximately 800 to 900 species of this genus are from there. The rest come from Indonesia. They are important because their rapid growth makes them important wood sources. That’s why they are grown in many tropical and subtropical countries. The trees extract such large amounts of water from the ground, however, that this creates a problem in countries such as South Africa, which have to cope with drought. As a result, there is now opposition to them in certain regions of the country. This characteristic is also used for draining swamps. This destroys the breeding sites of the Anopheles mosquito, which is responsible for transmitting malaria. The alternative name for the eucalyptus — the “Fever tree” — can probably be attributed to this, and also to the essential oil, which is supposed to disinfect the air. The fact that it contains an essential oil is why the eucalyptus also unfortunately causes bush fires to occur and then burn for a long time. That oil is extremely important for the production of this exceptional distillate, however. The oil mainly consists of 1,8-cineole, with α-pinene, limonene and α-terpineol also playing vital roles. It is distinguished by a characteristic refreshing spicy aromatic smell, with minty and grassy-green notes. After dozens of experiments with dried and fresh eucalyptus species, we managed to capture precisely this characteristic in our spirit. We can envisage it being used in a Eucalyptus Martini or by chefs who are keen to try out new things.

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