No 325 Chinese Ginger

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378,00 214,00  / l

It’s hardly surprising that a plant part like the ginger rhizome (underground stem) with such an intense taste has been used as a spice since ancient times by Indians and the Chinese, the inhabitants of its probable place of origin. But Zingiberis rhizoma (as the pharmaceutically applied rhizome is called in Latin) is also used for medicinal purposes. These include: promoting digestion and treating loss of appetite and travel sickness (interestingly, it is unlikely to be of much use on boat trips). These effects resulted in the ginger plant being named “Medicinal Plant of the Year 2018″ in Germany. This was largely irrelevant to us. All we were interested in was the characteristic aromatic smell and spicy taste with its earthy notes, which inspired us to create a spirit that has the typical ginger taste but is mild on the palate with a mellow aftertaste. Chinese ginger has an interesting flowery, lemony smell. After several weeks’ research, we managed to obtain a small batch of the best organic ginger from China and used it to create a spirit based on our vision. The predominant taste is ingredients of essential ginger oil, with the components zingiberene, -bisabolene, sesquiphellandrene, ar-curcumene and citral. The latter is responsible, among other things, for the lemony echoes. The pungent components are non-volatile, which is why our ginger spirit does not display the pungency of raw ginger.

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