945 Quince liqueur


99,71  / l

The quince leads a rather stepmotherly existence as a fruit, which is probably due to its not so easy processing. Raw, the varieties growing in our latitudes are inedible, and chopping them is quite laborious due to the firmness of the flesh. We think that the quince is perhaps the most underrated fruit of all. If you take the effort to process them, you will be more than rewarded by the delicate sweet-floral to slightly spicy notes of this wonderful fruit. For our liqueur we have added sugar syrup to freshly squeezed organic quince juice and refined it with our self-distilled genuine quince brandy. The brandy contains about 30-35 kg of organic quince per liter, a blast of flavors that beguile the nose and palate and make this liqueur a real rarity.

350ml – 34,90 € (20 % vol – 99,71 €/l) 
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