Gin Lab Box


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Gin Lab Box of DSM

Use our Gin Laboratory to create your very own distilled gin from the award-winning distillates of Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur in just a few steps. Our distillates contain no industrial flavors, no sugar and no dyes and are obtained exclusively by separate distillation of the various botanicals.

Ingredients of the Gin Lab:
2 x 40 ml juniper distillate (42% vol.)
1 x 10 ml distillates of each of the following botanicals (42 % vol.):
– Lemon
– Grapefruit
– Rosemary
– Coriander Seed
– Pink peppercorn
– Ginger
– Raspberry
– Lavender flower
1 x DSM beaker (50 ml)
1 x pipette

Making your personal gin

Step 1
First taste the individual distillates pure. Put about 3-5 drops into the beaker and let your nose and palate decide what flavor you would like to have in your gin and how intense it should be.
ATTENTION: please rinse the pipette with water after each use and dab dry so that you do not mix the individual distillates.

Step 2
Fill 20 ml of juniper distillate into the beaker and add a total of about 40 drops (about 2 ml) of three to six of the distilled botanicals together, according to your personal taste. Our distillates are extremely intense, so a portion in this amount is perfectly sufficient. With this procedure you can produce and taste four different gins with 42% vol. with our gin laboratory.

The gins obtained according to step 2 are classic gins, since they taste mainly of juniper. They are also true “distilled” gins and therefore of very high quality.
Of course, you are free to combine the distillates in a completely different way and create, for example, a “New Western Dry Gin” in which the juniper flavor plays only a minor role.

Step 3
Enjoy your own personal gin variations neat or with some ice and a simple tonic. In this case, use about 8 cl of tonic for about 2 cl of your gin blend.

One more tip: try the remaining distilled botanicals individually or mixed with a simple tonic in the same mixing ratio. You’ll find out: it doesn’t always have to be juniper!

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