No 687 German Caramel Tree Leaves

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Nomen est omen. Rarely can a naming be better understood, as in the case of the caramel tree originating from Japan and China, which is also known as the katsura. It is certainly noticeable in summer with its red leaf stalks, which stand out from the deciduous leaves. In autumn, its leaves show a splendid bright coloration from yellow to orange to carmine and scarlet red. Shortly before and during the fall of the leaves, the caramel tree finally reveals its name-giving secret: the colorful, falling leaves give off a beguiling scent between caramel, cotton candy, cinnamon and yeast cake, especially on humid days. And so, it came about that we collected the leaves of the tree in light rain and, wrapped in the pre-Christmas scent, asked ourselves whether we would succeed in capturing precisely this characteristic in our spirit, which after all is the goal with all our spirits? And indeed, besides the fruity aromas that also characterize our spirit of autumn leaves (distillate No 685), it shows nuances of the aromas during the fall of the leaves. But where do they actually come from? The characteristic smell of the caramel tree leaves is caused by maltol, a cyclic unsaturated ether found in caramel and malt. As studies have shown, its concentration rises abruptly during the period of leaf discoloration and has its highest value in leaves that are discolored in autumn. Despite all this, it remains a mystery whether nature is trying to achieve something with this elaborate spectacle or whether it is simply one of its whims.

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