No 685 German Autumn Leaves

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378,00 214,00  / l

Autumn leaves, seriously? We usually get an amazed, incredulous reaction when we mention this creation. But this product is exactly what DSM stands for: trying out new and totally unprecedented things. Even ideas that seem crazy are passed to product development. If what we expected emerges during the experimental optimisation, then it was worth the effort. If not, we’ve gained another valuable experience. But what can be expected of a spirit made from autumn leaves? Everyone probably has that captivating smell somewhere in their olfactory memory. The smells while walking through an autumnal park or forest keep us deeply grounded in nature because they make us aware of its cycle. This is precisely the smell that we captured in our spirit made from autumn foliage. We ventured out and collected newly-fallen leaves of one specific type of tree. Their beautiful yellowish to red colours were created by the breakdown of chlorophyll into carotenoids and anthocyanins. We immediately macerated the leaves, to preserve the typical notes. The tasting was the ultimate surprise, because in addition to the autumnal notes, we also detected amazing fruity notes that round off the unusual experience of this spirit. So it’s hardly surprising that it has already been used in various cocktail recipes. But where does the smell and taste actually come from? We’re not quite sure, but it’s probably a combination of the breakdown metabolic products in the leaves and the decomposition of the leaves by ray fungi occurring on the ground. This involves bacteria of the genus Streptomyces coelicolor, which produce earthy-smelling geosmin, among other things.

350ml – 74,90 € (42 % vol – 214,00 €/l)
50ml – 18,90 € (42 % vol – 378,00 €/l)
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