No 675 Bosnian Chanterelle

17,50 69,00 

350,00 197,14  / l

Chanterelle has been a popular edible mushroom since antiquity, and it has a compelling spicy-aromatic smell and taste that we have conveyed 1:1 in our spirit. If you are preparing a tasty sauce, for example, or adding that special touch to a mushroom ragout or simply want to see how its aroma compliments a game steak, you won’t be very interested in knowing that science discovered the aliphatic alcohol called 1-octene-3-ol is one of the main components of the mushroom aroma. Just taste it! Incidentally, our organic chanterelles are sourced from a wild collection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where there are still enough of them thanks to sustainable harvesting. Elsewhere, stocks have been dwindling since the 1970s, as a result of the major environmental issue of the era: acid rain. Because the mycelium of the chanterelle (filamentous cells of the fungus in the soil) is very sensitive to the sulphurous acid which is a component of acid rain. This decline means that chanterelles should only be collected by private individuals in small quantities for individual consumption.

350ml – 69,00 € (42 % vol – 197,14 €/l)
50ml – 17,50 € (42 % vol – 350,00 €/l)
50ml Spray – 19,50 € (50 % vol – 390,00 €/l)
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