No 540 South African Golden Sage

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The flowers of the South African sage are golden yellow when they start to flower (later they turn rusty orange then reddish-brown), and this also explains its Latin name (luteus = (golden) yellow). Early European settlers used the plant to treat colds and chronic bronchitis. Traditional healers still use it for these purposes, as well for fever and headaches. However, the aromatic leaves used for our spirit – coming from shrubs that grow in the South African provinces of Eastern, Northern and Western Cape – are an unspectacular, greyish-green. It is also called beach sage or dune sage because it usually grows near the coast. Speaking of leaves: we rubbed these off from the harvested raw material by hand and also had to work around the thorn-like protuberances on the branches that probably act as a defence against herbivores. But all the effort more than paid off: it resulted in a distillate with a superb taste, which, despite its name, is nothing like the well-known sage smell and taste found in Europe. It is characterised by a complex essential oil with around 50 components. The most important in terms of quantity are -pinene, myrcene, o-cymene and -eudesmol. People can decide for themselves whether they prefer to enjoy this spirit neat or use it to add that special touch to food or drinks, or both.

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