No 535 German Sage

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378,00 214,00  / l

The “officinalis” in the Latin name of common sage indicates its suitability for medicinal use. Because of their antibacterial effect, alcoholic extracts of the leaves are used for gargling, etc. We are however only interested in its use as a kitchen spice. Our extremely aromatic wild sage comes from Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany, and was harvested in the early hours of the morning, carefully packed and immediately refrigerated in order to undergo elaborate processing at our Berlin craft distillery the next morning. We began by picking the leaves from the stems, washing them by hand and finally cutting them up with a knife. The quantity required meant several days engaged in manual work, but in view of the outcome, every minute was well worth it. It’s a first-class sage spirit, which has been well received by aficionados, bartenders and chefs alike. The typical flavour is due to the main components of the essential oil – in particular – and -thujone, camphor and 1,8-cineol – and ancillary components, especially -pinene, borneol and bornyl acetate and some sesquiterpenes, such as -caryophyllene.

350ml – 74,90 € (42 % vol – 214,00 €/l)
50ml – 18,90 € (42 % vol – 378,00 €/l)
50ml Spray – 18,90 € (50 % vol – 378,00 €/l)
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