No 505 Indonesian Nutmeg

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The nutmeg tree comes from the Moluccas, also known as the “Spice Islands”, which belong to Indonesia. Today it can be found in many tropical areas. Indonesia is still the main country where it’s cultivated and also where we obtained the organic fruit used in our spirit. Harvesting nutmeg by picking or gathering is very time-consuming, and it must be done exactly one day after the pericarp opens, because if unripe fruit are harvested, the seeds become shrivelled. Ripe fruit lying on the ground for a long time may also become infested with worms. From a botanical point of view, the seed of the nutmeg tree is incidentally considered a follicle rather than a nut. The seed contains essential oil with terpenes such as -pinene, -pinene and sabinene and phenylpropanoids such as myristicin. Myristicin shouldn’t be underestimated, as hallucinogenic effects have been attributed to it when large quantities (5 g of seeds) are ingested. But don’t be alarmed: this is way more than the quantities we use for its intended purpose as a flavour carrier with characteristic spicy and bitter notes that have also been described as musky. These are a fantastic addition to many hearty dishes, such as stews, soups, cabbage dishes, but also in pastries and exotic drinks.

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