No 507 Albanian Common Myrtle

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The organic myrtle we used for our spirit comes from the Mediterranean, where the shrub — also called the common myrtle — originated. The ancient Romans and Greeks (and others from the 16th century onwards) saw myrtle branches and flowers as symbols of youth and beauty as well as virginity. That’s the origin of the custom — still occasionally found today — of using myrtle in bridal wreaths or bouquets. Brides used to plant a twig from the bridal wreath in the ground and let it take root. The verdant plant was taken as a sign of enduring marital bliss and was nurtured. That’s how the myrtle became a feature in living rooms and is considered to be one of the oldest indoor plants. The evergreen shrub bears lots of fragrant small white flowers in summer. After pollination, these develop into blue-black berries. They are used for instance to produce the Sardinian liqueur Mirto Rosso. We aimed to capture the scent of the myrtle leaves, which also gave it its name: the genus name Myrtus comes from the Greek “mýron” (fragrant juice, balm) and refers to this scent. It is based on the components of the essential oil – almost 50 of them, depending on the origin of the myrtle – and mainly contains α-pinene, 1,8-cineole, limonene, linalool and myrtenol acetate. These lend our spirit a distinctive spicy smell with eucalyptus and camphor notes. Creating a spirit makes it possible to use myrtle in the kitchen and bar, which would otherwise be inadvisable because the leaves are bitter.

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