No 470 South African Cape Chamomile

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The Latin species name “punctulatus” means ‘dotted’, and indicates that, after flowering, this Eriocephalus species has particularly dense and eye-catching white seeds resembling mini snowballs. That is why it is called “snowbush” in the Cape. Its strong aromatic smell is due to a high content of aromatic terpenes. These are also used to produce an essential oil marketed as Cape chamomile oil, used in the perfume and cosmetics industry and aromatherapy. Like German chamomile oil, Cape chamomile oil has a characteristic blue colour. The blue dye chamazulene is derived from the component matricin during the steam distillation to produce both chamomile oils. However, the colour is light-sensitive and quickly turns green and then amber when exposed to light. The colour is the only thing the German and Cape chamomile oils have in common, however. Cape chamomile oil has a completely different chemical composition consisting of approximately 200 different components. The smell of the Cape chamomile oil is characterised by floral, fruity (apple, pineapple) and chamomile-like notes similar to Roman chamomile. The description alone makes one eager to taste this rare distillate – whose aromas were perfectly blended in the alcohol by using extremely gentle distillation – and to exploit its potential as a flavouring in food and drinks.

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