No 435 Brazilian Pink Peppercorn

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378,00 214,00  / l

It was around the mid-1980s that this fruit first began to be used in “Nouvelle Cuisine” before becoming a “pink pepper-hype” a few years later. Almost every chef used it, and this spice which was a novelty in this country, began to be over-used to the point where it disappeared as rapidly as it had arrived. Which is rather a shame because the pink berries… no wait… first we have to clear up some misunderstandings: Botanically speaking, the fruits of the Brazilian peppertree are not berries, but stone fruits. They are bright red and brittle when fully ripened. And even though they come from the peppertree, they are not peppers, but are added to colourful pepper mixtures simply because of their colour. They completely lack sharpness but have a mild, sweetish resinous aroma. This is produced by an essential oil with around 17 components from mono- and sesquiterpenes, with Δ3-caren, limonene, -pinene and -phellandrene being the main ones. Our spirit, which is typical of the variety, is ideal for dessert recipes, meat, fish and vegetable dishes. In blind tastings with bartenders and friends, everyone agreed that the distinctly mild aromatic smell and taste of the pink peppercorn spirit is – in addition to using it for cooking – best enjoyed in a glass neat or as a cocktail ingredient.

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