No 430 German Bear’s Garlic

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378,00 214,00  / l

The idea of creating a bear’s garlic spirit sounds like an April Fool’s joke and, in fact, we came up with it at dinner one April Fool’s Day. The wonderful taste of this fantastic bear’s garlic soup left us hungry for more. However, it’s a fleeting delight as the season is extremely short. The fact is, fresh bear’s garlic of comparable quality is difficult to preserve during the harvest period as it quickly loses constituents once it’s chopped and dried. This is why the idea of preserving the strong bear’s garlic flavour in a spirit in order to have it available throughout the year began to take shape. Our farmer from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania harvests wild garlic leaves before the plant flowers to obtain their full force, as the aromas become less intense after flowering. The key component for the smell and taste of bear’s garlic is allicin, a substance also found in common garlic that is unstable and contains sulphur. It is converted into di- and trisulphides, which, in their turn, are responsible for the typical garlic smell. Because allicin decomposes when it’s heated, we used an especially gentle distillation process for this spirit. It makes the fantastic bear’s garlic flavour available all year round as a flavouring for use in the kitchen or bars where people are eager to experiment.

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