No 335 Indian Vetiver

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Vetiver is a tropical bunch grass, which grows to between 50 centimetres and 1.50 metres high. It is originally from Asia (South India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka), but is now cultivated in many tropical regions. The parts of the plant above ground are not used, only the extremely dense root system that can extend up to 3 m underground. There’s a good reason why vetiver is called khus or ”aromatic root” in India. The essential oil, obtained by steam distillation from both fresh and dried roots, is a component of many perfumes. It has elegant oriental notes and, depending on the degree of drying of the root, can have aromatic green, woody balsamic, strong earthy, root-like and smoky notes as well as refreshing citrus notes and dark leather accents. This is due to a complex blend of sesquiterpenes and their alcohols and ketones. The alcohols khusimol, cyclocopacamphanol A and B, vetiselinenol and isovalencenol have woody notes. The ketone khusimone has rhubarb and grapefruit notes, a-vetivon has strong grapefruit notes and b-vetivon has woody notes. These unusual flavours are blended perfectly in our spirit made from organic vetiver root, and are just crying out to be used as creatively in cocktails and in cooking as the Indians use vetiver in their daily lives. The root has the property that it smells pleasantly cool and aromatic for a long period, especially when sprayed with water. That’s why it is used to make everyday items such as mats, curtains or shutters in India.

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