No 265 German Celeriac

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The four sports festivals in ancient Greece in Delphi, Olympia, Isthmia and Nemea – the so-called “crown games”, were held in the years before and after the Olympic Games. The winners at each of the sites received a wreath made from different parts of plants: in Delphi this was the laurel, in Olympia, olive branches, and pine in Isthmia. In Nemea, where, from 573 BC onwards, the games were held every two years in honour of Zeus, the wreath was made from – believe it or not – celery leaves! But celery was not only used for this purpose: Greeks and Romans also used celery as a remedy for various ailments. According to current scientific studies, no medicinal effects can be proven and therefore it cannot be recommended. But there’s nothing against its long-standing use as a culinary herb, much less against a spirit made from organic celeriac. We’re sure the winner of the wreath at the Nemean games would have appreciated this spirit as a prize. Because it has the typical earthy-spicy aromas that make it ideal for use in cooking. But you can also enjoy this spirit neat.

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