No 155 Calabrian Bergamot Orange

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378,00 214,00  / l

While it’s fair to assume that the smell of most citrus fruits is generally perceived as pleasant, bergamot falls into the category of “you either love it, or hate it.” The same applies to Earl Grey Tea, which is scented with bergamot. That’s why bergamot oranges are rarely cultivated for human consumption, but primarily for their essential oil, which is used mainly in the perfume industry. The reason for their intensely perfumed smell is the particular composition of the peel oil, which contains around 350 components. It is true that the cyclic monoterpene limonene predominates, as it does in most citrus in terms of quantity, but other citrus fruit oils contain fewer other components in large quantities. Linalyl acetate is for instance sometimes found in comparable quantities to limonene, along with significant quantities of linalool, g-terpinene and β-pinene. Bergamot flourishes particularly well on the coast of Calabria at the tip of the Italian boot, where the extreme climate lets the extremely aromatic fruits ripen fully. That’s where our organic bergamot oranges come from, and we process them carefully in our distillery just three days after the harvest. As always, each fruit is hand-washed and dried before being carefully peeled and pressed. It is warm macerated using our special process and then gently distilled to produce a spirit in a class of its own. It will appeal to people who love the bergamot aroma and, mixed in a cocktail, may even convince those who would otherwise tend to avoid it. In the kitchen, it adds that special something to seafood as well as to wild boar or salad dressings.

350ml – 74,90 € (42 % vol – 214,00 €/l)
50ml – 18,90 € (42 % vol – 378,00 €/l)
50ml Spray – 18,90 € (50 % vol – 378,00 €/l)
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