No 157 Mallorcan Persian Lime

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350,00 197,14  / l

Is that from Persia or Majorca? Some of our product names may sometimes make would-be connoisseurs furrow their brows. But there’s a simple explanation: our organic limes come from the popular tourist island, hence the name “Mallorcan”. In addition to the Persian lime (Citrus x latifolia), there is also the key lime (Citrus x aurantiifolia). These are two different hybrids, which differ in appearance and in the composition of their essential oils: the key lime is only about the size of a ping-pong ball and has lots of pips, whereas the Persian lime is larger and seedless. Research into the composition of the essential oils revealed sufficient differences to explain the different smell and taste of the two lime varieties. Everyone can make up their own mind as to which they prefer. We eventually opted for the Persian lime, which we carefully macerated and then distilled slowly following extraction. The result is a world-class spirit with subtle bitter notes and sweet citrus aromas that are ideal for adding that special touch to a caipirinha, daiquiri or mojito. Or it can also be drunk neat as, with its complex aromas, it almost resembles a cocktail on its own. Contrary to popular belief, limes are not green lemons, but an independent citrus species that also turns yellow when ripe. The adjective “Persian” probably refers to the fact that it spread from Asia to Europe along ancient Persian trade routes.

350ml – 69,00 € (42 % vol – 197,14 €/l)
50ml – 17,50 € (42 % vol – 350,00 €/l)
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