No 600 Rhoen Mountain Meadow Hay

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378,00 214,00  / l

You can only appreciate nature with all your senses if you’re in the here and now. Many people achieve this by going into the wild and getting away from it all. It may be that there are basic instincts in us, deeply rooted in our genes, that make us stay still at such times and heighten our perception. The scents that surround us during these carefree moments are deeply embedded in our olfactory memories. That’s why many people associate the fragrance of hay with a summer stroll through the fields and meadows of their childhood. We aimed to preserve this exact smell in a spirit so as to have it handy at all times. For this, we macerated and very gently distilled sun-dried organic mountain meadow hay from the Rhoen UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The result was a spirit that far exceeded our expectations in terms of capturing the olfactory memory. Our spirit made from  mountain hay blends the soothing smell of summery dried hay with the scents of aromatic herbs and fragrant wild grasses as only found in unspoiled nature. It will transport you to a freshly mowed meadow in the twinkling of an eye. The typical smell of hay when the grass is dried is due to the coumarins, which are also found in woodruff, tonka beans and Chinese cinnamon. These have glycosidic bonds in the living plant to some extent and are only released when the sugar is separated as the plants wither. Coumarin with its sweet, herbaceous and spicy fragrance and vanilla-like taste also provides inspiration for creative talents who want to use this unique spirit in the kitchen.

350ml – 74,90 € (42 % vol – 214,00 €/l)
50ml – 18,90 € (42 % vol – 378,00 €/l)
50ml Spray – 18,90 € (50 % vol – 378,00 €/l)
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