No 570 Bosnian Juniper Berries

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We were quite surprised at how different juniper from various sources can taste, but in the end, it was easy to reach a decision. Because fresh berries from Bosnia and Herzegovina have a particularly fine aroma that is reminiscent of gin. The classic sweet-spicy, aromatic and slightly resinous-bitter conifers notes unfold, complemented by a hint of lemon, as if the berries had been mixed with a little lemon peel. The basis of this special blend is the essential oil, containing, among other things, the terpenes -pinene, sabinene, myrcene, limonene, terpinene-4-ol and -pinene. Of course, German juniper berries were also among the contenders, as the “cypresses of the north” are characteristic of nearby Lüneburg Heath. But, for complex aromas, the Mediterranean product, which benefits from a higher number of sunshine hours, is well ahead of the game. One should point out that juniper berries are false fruits, botanically speaking, because after pollination, the three uppermost scale leaves grow around the ovules like a fleshy fruit, and these form single-hull so-called seed cones which can be seen when you look at fresh juniper berries. In addition to pure enjoyment, this distillate, which is referred to under European legislation as a “juniper-flavoured spirit drink”, is the ideal accompaniment for many meat dishes and harmonises with bay leaves, garlic, thyme, fennel and pepper.

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