London Dry Gin 47 % vol

7,90 38,90 

197,50 111,14  / l

A London Dry Gin in a class of its own, for which the pharmacist of the Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur has finely tuned a good three dozen botanicals.

In the nose, it immediately stimulates the olfactory memory to search for the various aromas that result from the rather complex interplay with the clearly present juniper: the almost obligatory, but nevertheless so value-giving coriander stands next to spicy-fresh and citrus notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit. Added to this is the sharpness of cardamom, paired with peppery nuances of several pepper varieties which are framed by fine herbal and spicy tones.

You can also experience a potpourri of flavors on the palate: juniper is surrounded by the essential oils of citrus fruits, spices such as cinnamon, clove or nutmeg, which contribute spicy tones, and hints of herbs such as mint and chamomile. The intense and full-bodied taste reverberates with full force for a long time and finally brings out subtle lavender and thyme.

In spite of the complexity and cumulative intensity, there remains the impression of a harmonious composition which, thanks to its alcoholic mildness, is a joy to drink either pure at room temperature or in a cocktail.

350ml – 38,90 € (47 % vol – 111,14 €/l) 
40ml – 7,90 € (47 % vol – 197,50 €/l) 
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