Doppelkorn 38 % vol

7,90 29,90 

197,50 85,43  / l

Korn is out of style? No way! The aromas we’ve distilled from our five varieties of ancient grain from Kraichgau — einkorn wheat, emmer wheat, khorasan wheat, wild rye and Blue Velvet pure spelt — are second to none. Delicately fruity and savoury, bready aromas combine with wonderful nutty notes to produce a particularly smooth korn. It has a mellow aftertaste that is reminiscent of liquid bread. Perfect enjoyed neat, even without a beer, or particularly popular in a Korn Mule.

350ml – 29,90 € (38 % vol – 85,43 €/l) 
40ml – 7,90 € (38 % vol – 172,50 €/l) 
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