No 610 Allgäu Wheatgrass

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378,00 214,00  / l

Now that so many people are aiming to improve their individual life experiences, nutrition is becoming more personalised. So it’s hardly surprising that the so-called superfoods — foods with an actual or alleged health benefit — are becoming increasingly popular. These range from the domestic raspberry or blueberry to natives of exotic climes such as the goji berry or Cape gooseberry (Physalis), to chia seeds and even wheatgrass. Detoxifying, rejuvenating and skin-enhancing properties are attributed to wheatgrass, as well as healing properties to assist the fight against serious illnesses. This is where it becomes problematic from a legal point of view, because advertising foods with health claims is only permissible if there is evidence from scientific studies carried out as part of an approval procedure. Fresh wheatgrass has been proven to contain many vitamins, minerals and amino acids, in addition (of course) to the green plant pigment, chlorophyll. All these substances form an integral part of a balanced diet and thus make nutritional sense. So there’s nothing against the occasional “wheatgrass shooter”, as the dark green, freshly pressed juice is called. As only the hardy will want to drink it neat, wheatgrass should be pressed with fruit, for instance. We were inspired by the strong green aroma of fresh wheatgrass shoots, which is why we macerated and slowly distilled the freshly harvested Allgäu organic wheatgrass that was sown specially for us. The result is a refreshing spirit, with wonderful green, grassy notes, ideal for use in cocktails or in the kitchen.

350ml – 74,90 € (42 % vol – 214,00 €/l)
50ml – 18,90 € (42 % vol – 378,00 €/l)
50ml Spray – 18,90 € (50 % vol – 378,00 €/l)
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