915 Raspberry liqueur

7,90 34,90 

197,50 99,71  / l

The mother juice of fully ripe raspberries was combined with the best sugar syrup, which balances the fruit acids, and our self-distilled raspberry spirit and adjusted to the drinking strength. True to our quality standards, this liqueur, like all our products, is produced without the addition of flavors and colorants. Only the natural ingredients of the raspberries used give this strong character liqueur its typical smell, taste and color. The marriage with the raspberry aromas of our raspberry spirit makes it an exceptional liqueur that is second to none. A difference to industrial mass-produced goods that you can smell and taste!

We do our best to make sure that you can recognize the products we create for you by smell and taste without having to read the name on the label first. Therefore, we do not use a sharp filtration, which removes all suspended particles completely, but unfortunately also important taste components in the end. So, if you notice a slight sediment after some storage time, this is not a lack of quality, on the contrary, it is intentional and an indication that the bottle needs to be shaken before pouring!

350ml – 34,90 € (20 % vol – 99,71 €/l) 
40ml – 7,90 € (20 % vol – 197,50 €/l) 
Price incl. VAT.