No 645 German Tulip Magnolia

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Magnolias are a plant genus of the Magnoliaceae family consisting of around 250 species originating in East Asia or America. Its evolution probably dates back over 100 million years. The French botanist Plumier discovered the magnolia in the United States when he was researching new plants for Louis XIV. He dedicated it to his famous compatriot, the botanist Pierre Magnol, by giving it the name “magnolia”. The first of its genus was brought to France in 1740 by a dealer who travelled back and forth between Europe and America. Since then, it has become a plant that is cultivated in many gardens around the world. This is hardly surprising, as magnolias in bloom are among the most beautiful plants in the world. This magnificent tree with its luxuriant flowers can quite rightly be called the “Queen of the Woods”. The tulip magnolia that we use is the most widespread. Luckily, we were able to harvest the flowers of a magnolia tree in our own garden. Who else would allow their own tree to be stripped of all its beautiful blooms, whose appearance and fragrance awaken the joys of spring? A fragrance that blends mild creamy floral and transparent fruity, aquatic and slightly spicy to honeyed notes with a delicate hint of citrus. This makes our magnolia spirit as sublime and exclusive as the blooms themselves. It’s worth experimenting with it. You can also do that yourself with magnolia petals: they taste delicious raw in salads or fried in batter!

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