No 530 South African Wild Rosemary

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“Kapokbos” is the name given to African rosemary in its homeland South Africa, where it flourishes in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Namaqualand. There are 34 species of the genus Eriocephalus in southern Africa and they all have one thing in common: the fluffy seeds that appear shortly after flowering are covered in long white hair and resemble tiny snowballs, which is how they got their local name, because “kapok” means snow and “bos” stands for bush. In addition to its striking appearance and widespread distribution, the plant has a pleasant aromatic fragrance, spread by crushing its needle-like leaves, another reason why this extraordinary plant is popular with most of the local people. It is also widely used in the kitchen for seasoning meat dishes and vegetable stews and as a tea for relieving the symptoms of coughs and colds, etc. In times of severe water shortages in the Cape region, bushes like the kapokbos are ideal garden plants because they can thrive on very little water. In gardens, they also exude a herbaceous and balsamic fragrance that is unfamiliar in our part of the world, and that’s the reason why we selected this plant for one of our spirits. According to studies of plants cultivated in Spain, it contains 61 components, with artemisia ketone, intermedeol and -eudesmol being the main constituents in terms of quantity. This spirit is crying out for people who are willing to try out new things and bold enough to mix it with familiar flavours to create completely new combinations.

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