No 517 Indonesian Indian Patchouli

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Indian patchouli is a plant of the Lamiaceae genus and is therefore related to mint. Its hairy leaves are reminiscent of stinging nettles, though they don’t sting. They are the reason behind the Greek name for the genus: pogos meaning beard and stemon meaning thread/stamen, as they are slightly hairy. Patchouli oil, which is widely used in perfume, is extracted from the dried and fermented leaves. Some people find the heavy, long-lasting scent of patchouli a bit hard to take. It is a combination of earthy, woody and herby with balsamic and sweet. It is also supposed to be an aphrodisiac; that’s why it was popular during the hippie era of 1968, when it was also used as a form of smellable protest against the establishment and the bourgeois way of life. This species is native to India, Taiwan and Indonesia, where our organically cultivated leaves originate from. We were inspired to produce this spirit by a bartender who loves to use the aroma of patchouli in his cocktails. Not an easy task, but we succeeded after numerous attempts. The main component of the essential oil, the sesquiterpene patchoulol, is easy to identify as it has powdery, woody, earthy and camphor notes. Other contributors to this unique olfactory and gustatory experience include a-guaiene with its balsamic-sweet and slightly peppery nuances, and various other aromas, some only present in tiny quantities. The secret is finding the right dose, because this spirit will only then reveal its true character.

350ml – 69,00 € (42 % vol – 197,14 €/l)
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50ml Spray – 19,50 € (50 % vol – 390,00 €/l)
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