No 490 South African Liquorice Plant

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378,00 214,00  / l

The plant with this curious name grows on shaded mountain slopes and forest edges in the Eastern and Western Cape. The genus name – Helichrysum – derives from the Greek “helios” (sun) and “chrysos” (gold) and alludes to the colour of the flowers. The species name “petiolare” means “stalked” and refers to the striking leaves. The leaves are silvery-grey and roughly heart-shaped with velvety hairs and a faint liquorice aroma, which was evidently strong enough to account for its name. Traditionally, a tea is made from the leaves, used, among other things, for treating respiratory diseases (especially by Rastafarians). The compound essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is made up of approximately 70 different components with 1,8-cineol, -caryophyllene, -pinene and p-cymene being the main ones. We didn’t select the plant on account of these properties, but for its aroma, which we were unfamiliar with. One definitely gets a subtle hint of liquorice among the rather complex aromas. A highly interesting spirit, which will find its way into kitchens and bars.

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