No 350 Indian Frankincense

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350,00 197,14  / l

Boswellia serrata is a species of frankincense tree found in northern India. Many people will be familiar with frankincense from religious services or — along with gold and myrrh — as a gift for the infant Jesus from the Three Wise Men. Cleansing effects were attributed to it, which made it very precious in those times. This may be the reason why incense is now frequently touted as a miracle cure, even though there’s no scientific evidence for this. Frankincense is obtained by slashing the bark of the frankincense tree. As the wound closes, it secretes a milky white emulsion that hardens in air to a gum resin that is also called olibanum. The typical incense drops or ‘tears’ are produced and harvested in special containers. The brighter and bigger the drops, the higher the quality and the more expensive they are, as the process lasts for months. For our spirit, we used Indian frankincense sourced from collection in the wild. The tests we perform during product development have revealed that frankincense resins are extremely intense. This meant we had to clean our distillery line several times after production to prevent carryover into the downstream product. We were happy to take on board this added effort, and it really paid off. The result is a spirit with wonderfully warm, balsamic-spicy, conifer-like resinous and subtle citrus notes, based on the monoterpenes a-thujene, a-phellandrene and a-pinene of the essential oil, among others.

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