No 280 German Horseradish

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A Bloody Mary is considered by some contemporaries to be both a nutritious breakfast and a remedy for hang-over. As a very special variation of this classic, we recommend using our spirit of horseradish instead of vodka, which harmonizes wonderfully with the tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and the other ingredients. The pungency transported by our horseradish spirit is due to various mustard oils, which are chemically isothiocyanates. These are produced when the horseradish is cut, which causes mustard oil glycosides contained in the horseradish e.g., gluconasturtiin and sinigrin, to come into contact with the plant’s own enzyme myrosinase. The enzyme splits the glycosidic bond of the mustard oil glycosides by splitting off glucose, whereupon in the sugar-free part of the molecule a rearrangement to the volatile, mucous membrane irritating and pungent tasting mustard oils 2-phenyl ethyl isothiocyanate or allyl isothiocyanate takes place. The inclined reader can imagine the tearful scenery that accompanies the grating of horseradish to produce this spirit. But it is precisely this spiciness that makes horseradish so widely used in the kitchen for seasoning sauces, meat and fish dishes. The explanation that its German name “Meerrettich” is an indication of the foreign origin of horseradish, which “came to us by sea” (“Meer” translates into English as “sea”), seems rather unlikely in view of its origin in the Volga-Don region. It is more plausible that the word “Meer” formerly used in the sense of “bigger” originates from the size of the horseradish compared to the already known radish.

350ml – 69,00 € (42 % vol – 197,14 €/l)
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