No 275 Palatine Fennel

17,50 69,00 

350,00 197,14  / l

There are three fennel varieties: Sweet or spice fennel, bitter or wild fennel, and vegetable fennel. The fruit of the first two is used in the kitchen and also in pharmacy as traditional herbal medicinal products. Sweet and bitter fennel fruits largely contain the same essential oil, which is responsible for the characteristic taste. Only the quantities vary: sweet fennel contains considerably less of the bitter fenchone, which means the main component of the essential oil – the sweetish trans-anethole – is more pronounced. They both also contain estragole. They are both used as herbal medicines for the treatment of coughs, etc. On the contrary, vegetable fennel, which is a stalk vegetable, is only used for cooking. For our spirit, a super fresh tray of great organic vegetable fennel was delivered to us at the craft distillery the day after it was harvested. After extensive processing, we slowly and gently distilled the macerate to obtain a spirit that has incredible fennel and anise notes, which are somewhat subtler than those from the fruit. This distillate is great drunk neat, but also ideal for mixing and adding flavour.

350ml – 69,00 € (42 % vol – 197,14 €/l)
50ml – 17,50 € (42 % vol – 350,00 €/l)
50ml Spray – 19,50 € (50 % vol – 390,00 €/l)
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