No 135 Mallorcan Bitter Orange

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You have to be a bit crazy to produce a spirit from a small wrinkled citrus fruit, which is normally only used to make candied orange peel and English bitter orange marmalade. But nothing ventured, nothing gained! As is well-known, the bitter orange is a hybrid of a pomelo and a mandarin. As with parents and children, it gets its spicy-bitter taste from one side while the other contributes the mandarin-like fragrance that gives this spirit its unique character. Limonene is the main component of the essential oil. The characteristic bouquet is due to substances that only occur in small quantities, such as the aldehydes citral, nonanal, decanal and dodecanal, and the esters linalyl acetate, geranyl acetate, citronellyl acetate, decyl pelargonate and anthranilic acid methyl ester. The bitter orange was introduced to Mallorca by the Arabs along with other citrus fruits in the 10-12th centuries. Up until the mid-18th century, the small bitter orange tree was used for grafting but was later banned because of a viral disease. That’s why nowadays, you will still find trees with sweet oranges on some branches and bitter oranges on others. In its dried form, the bitter orange peel has even made it into the European Pharmacopoeia, where its quality is controlled for use in treating loss of appetite and digestive problems. The effect is mainly due to the bitter substances contained in the peel, which stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes.

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