No 101 Sorrentine Citron

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Fortune really did favour the bold on this occasion. Poor harvests at our Sicilian citron farmers due to bad weather meant we were unable to produce our Distillate No 100 as planned. Just in time, we contacted a bergamot supplier, who was able to respond to our request for citron from Sorrento, an area near Naples famous for cultivating citrus fruit. As described for our Distillate No 100, the lemon is one of the three original citrus fruits, alongside the pomelo and the mandarin. All other species in the citrus genus that we know of today are the result of the hybridisation of these initial three. Able to grow as large as a volleyball, the plant’s fruit has an odd bumpy surface. Due to the fruit’s thick pith, it does not produce a lot of juice. Instead, it is used as the main source of succade (candied peel), which is often used in stollen for example. The fruit has significance in rituals in Judaism, where it is called an “etrog”, as well as in Buddhism, where the fingered citron variety known as “Buddha’s Hand” is used as an offering on altars. Just four days after the harvest in Sorrento, we took delivery of wonderfully aromatic scented citrons and immediately processed them into a marvellous spirit. It is typical of the variety and – like its Sicilian counterpart – has captivating, refreshing citrus notes that resemble those of cedar fruit. This is also the reason for the Italian name for the fruit — cedro (which also means cedar in Italian) — derived from the Greek word kedrómêlon, “cedar apple”.

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