970 Grapefruit liqueur

7,90 34,90 

197,50 99,71  / l

The strong orange color of the juice of the grapefruits we pressed ourselves was the limiting factor in the production of this unique liqueur. Therefore, our first batch is limited to 50 bottles. The wonderful natural acidity and bitterness of the grapefruit juice is accompanied by the subtle sweetness of our sugar syrup. Finally, the grapefruit spirit distilled by ourselves is responsible for the force of the grapefruit aroma on the nose and palate. Since we do not use filtration, a wonderful color gradient forms in the bottle when it is left to stand, which is caused by juice components rising to the top. Therefore, we recommend shaking the bottle briefly before tapping. Ideal for pure enjoyment, gladly also – like our Limoncello – frozen from the freezer. Alternatively, depending on preference, pour 2-4 cl with a good and chilled sparkling wine or Crémant for a DSM spritz.

350ml – 34,90 € (18 % vol – 99,71 €/l) 
40ml – 7,90 € (18 % vol – 197,50 €/l) 
Price incl. VAT.


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