965 Lemon liqueur


99,71  / l

The name says it all, because the freshly squeezed juice of ripe lemons is its most important ingredient. To balance its acidity, we have added just enough sugar syrup to create a perfect harmony of sweetness and acidity. Unlike most lemon liqueurs, our lemon liqueur also contains not just pure alcohol, but an alcoholic distillate of lemon peel that we make ourselves. You can smell and taste the difference. We recommend it pure as a dessert drink or as a Whiskey Sour Cocktail. Mix equal amounts of a good Bourbon Whiskey and our lemon liqueur, shake vigorously with 4-5 ice cubes for 10 seconds and strain into a tumbler with ice cubes. Cheers!

350ml – 34,90 € (20 % vol – 99,71 €/l) 
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