960 Limoncello

7,90 34,90 

197,50 99,71  / l

Freshly harvested organic lemons from the Amalfi coast of Sorrento are the secret of this superb limoncello. Contrary to popular belief, no lemon juice is used in its production, but only the very finely zested peel of the lemon, which preferably does not have any albedo (the white under the peel) adhering to it, as it contains too many bitter substances. The peels, which are extracted for several weeks with our particularly mild neutral alcohol, are finally rounded off with sugar syrup so delicately that sweetness and lemon aroma harmonize perfectly on the palate. If you want to enjoy Limoncello in the style of an Italian, do so as an aperitif or digestive. Both the drinking glass covered with a layer of ice (e.g. champagne glass) and the Limoncello come from the freezer. Enjoy it ice-cold in small sips and exhale through the nose, whereby the aroma and aftertaste develop best. But avanti, avanti, drink the limoncello before it gets too warm! Although we recommend this kind of enjoyment, our Limoncello is also sinfully good in cocktails or with desserts.

350ml – 34,90 € (29 % vol – 99,71 €/l) 
40ml – 7,90 € (29 % vol – 197,50 €/l) 
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